About 524Design

Introduction to 524Design

524Design is a Dutch Design Studio & Business founded on the 1st of may 2017 (International worker’s day). Starting the company in Ridderkerk – The Netherlands. 

Currently 524Design is expanding into all fields of Design ranging from graphic design to web design, from product design to interior.

Picture of the creator of 524Design

Thorby van de Polder

The Man behind 524Design:

524Design is currently a one-man company run by Thorby van de Polder, An aspiring Designer The Netherlands. Coming from a technical background I hold a Bachelors degree in Architectural & Construction Engineering. But wish to expand into more fields of Creative Design. For this I taken it upon myself to start my own Design Studio.

Starting from an age of 14 years old I self-taught myself various programs to create & retouch photos as a hobby. During my study into construction engineering I explored the fields of webdesign & video editting while also majoring in Architectural Design, givingme a sturdy foundation to work from within the world of Design. My work experience within the construction sector has sharpened my eye for detail and honed my skills in project management & work preperation.

I places great value in transparency, mutual respect & an informal work environment to nurture the creativity in my associates. I wish to follow these core values into 524Design.

The Essence of 524Design:

524Design believes strongly in providing all customers with the service they deserve in all our workfields. I understands the need for high-quality products & transparency in our work towards our clientele. I aim to become a strong brand for years to come.

With these values in mind 524design created it’s hexagon-shaped diamond logo, symbolising: Longevity, Transparency & High-Quality

524Designs History

The name 524Design originates from the name of my Portfolio site named “524-architecture” which I created during my bachelor to display my work & skills on.

The numbers 524 (five to four) originated from an inside joke & reminder on the hours I spend after school working on projects for my education. Especially right before a project deadline, I often found myself working from 17:00 to 4:00 past midnight to complete & tweak my work.


Future of 524Design

In the future, I wish to grow this company as a brand & increase it’s performance & size while upholding the same core values as with what I started with.

524Design will aim to expand & deepen it’s expertise into different fields of design.

In our future I plan to colaborate with other creators, designers and artists,  so we can manage more complex projects.

Let's face this future together!