Your Designer

T.W.I. van de Polder

Graphics Designer / Engineer

I have experience with print, web, audio and video media. I studiedĀ  Architectural & Construction Engineering at The University of Rotterdam Specialising in Architectural Design.

Through this study I encountered a wide selection of Design Branches, including Construction Design, Architectural Design, Graphic Design & Web Design and more through my Major & Elective courses.
Finishing my degree, I delved deeper into the world of design and started my own company to continue working on what I love to do.

I live in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands. And was dubbed “The Creative One” in the family from an early age. From building blocks & lego to engineering. I always came up with something new to create.

In my free time, I like to Snowboard, Watch Japanese Animated Shows, Videogame or take a Drive on my Motorcycle, a Kawasaki ER-5. As a big Music fan who is always listen to music, I wish to one day learn to play the Synthesizer so I will be able to play along my favorite tunes.

I am also a volunteer at RTV-Ridderkerk, A local Broadcasting station where I provide graphical elements or record footage as Cameraman.

If I’m not Gaming or Driving, you will probably find me Sketching to further develop my Graphical skills.

Picture of the creator of 524Design